Chantelle Houghton fears being followed

Updated: Mar 19, 2013, 18:12 PM IST

London: Chantelle Houghton has revealed that she has been left "extremely frightened" after discovering that she is being followed.

The 29-year-old actress claimed in her new! magazine column that she has seen people, who are not paparazzi, following her and watching her from cars sat outside her home, the Sun reported.

"It`s a scary time right now as I am aware I am being followed by people. It`s been happening for at least six weeks," she wrote.

"They are definitely not paparazzi- they don`t have cameras and never get out of their cars. They just sit and watch me; outside my house, in the supermarket, wherever I go," the mum-of-one said.

"It`s extremely frightening and has happened several times this week," Houghton added.

The `Celebrity Big Brother` star, who has a nine-month-old daughter, Dolly, with ex fiance Alex Reid, also said that she is worried for her child`s safety.

"I am a strong person, but, as any mother would agree, it is not a situation I want myself or Dolly in," she added.