Chantelle Houghton `keeping daughter away from ex Alex Reid`

Last Updated: Mar 10, 2013, 13:22 PM IST

London: Chantelle Houghton has hit back at her former fiance Alex Reid, after the cage fighter claimed that he doesn`t know where she lives.

Reid released a statement criticising glamour model, saying she had upset his parents by stopping them seeing his daughter Dolly and that he doesn`t even know where his daughter lives.

Now the `Celebrity Big Brother` star has slammed Reid saying that he knows the very good reasons why she will not allow him to take Dolly to his parents` home and why she will only allow supervised visits.

"It`s true that Alex does not know where I live and there is very good reason for this. Alex has (both in the past and currently) been closely involved with people who are of deep concern to me but most importantly, to the welfare of my daughter," the Mirror quoted her as saying.

She said that her daughter is her only concern.

Reid may only visit Dolly at her mum`s house under her supervision.

However, she has not stopped his parents from visiting Dolly.