Charlie and I are not in the best place: Denise Richards

London: Denise Richards says she has no plans to attend ex-husband Charlie Sheen`s one-man-show.

"For me, it`s very sad to see him on this path," Richards told Andy Cohen on Bravo`s ‘Watch What Happens Live’.

"I`ve heard he`s chosen to use me in part of his tour (material), and that`s hurtful. But that`s his choice ... He can do what he wants in his show," quoted her as saying.

"We`re not in the best place right now, to be honest with you. But I do still communicate with him," the 40-year-old said.

The former model married Sheen in 2002 and have two daughters - Sam J. Sheen and Lola Rose Sheen. Three years later, she filed for a divorce from Sheen.

Richards teamed up with Sheen in ‘Good Advice’ and ‘Scary Movie 3’.