Charlie Sheen bids adieu to Twitter

Updated: Jul 14, 2012, 15:37 PM IST

Washington: Charlie Sheen posted his final post on his Twitter account in which the actor told his followers to “reach for stars.”

The 46-year-old actor’s Twitter page is still up, as a tweet read, “reach for the stars everyone. dogspeed cadre. c out.” The post came with a picture that had been apparently taken from a plane, reported.

Sources had earlier said that @charliesheen will give up on the microblogging site within days, or possibly mere hours, because he felt like he was not getting anything out of it.

The former ‘Two and a Half Men’ star has 7,707,791 followers on the social network.

Sheen started his Twitter page in March, 2011-- back in his crazed “winning” days and had attracted more than a million followers in just 48 hours.

The actor’s first tweet was a picture of Sheen with his then-goddess Bree Olsen.