Charlie Sheen had predicted he would go ‘crazy’ when he was 14

London: Charlie Sheen’s journal where he predicted his possible erratic behaviour when he was just a 14-year-old student, has gone on sale.

The journal, which includes ‘Charlie Estevez’, the actor’s legal name, is currently being auctioned off and so far the bid has risen up to 100 dollars.

In the 35-page diary, which Sheen wrote between the years of 1979-1980, he prognosticated that he would go wacky some day.

“Often I feel that I’m gonna go crazy. I really don’t know why either,” the Daily Mail quoted him as writing.

“Maybe it’s because of school or the world we live in today. I know it sounds kind of stupid but who knows maybe someday I’ll just go whacko,” he added.

In the diary the then teenager also expressed his opinion on sensitive topics, including torture and rape.

“‘People that act so hot should have their mothers raped by 7 Hell’s Angels in front of them. That’s not all.

“I also think they should be cut in half at a rate of 1 inch per second, and be viciously tortured for three straight days by means of fire,” he wrote in a 1979 entry.

His journal also reflected his sense of memento mori.

“When I’m all alone, I think about death. It’s really weird. I mean you wonder what happens when you die,” he wrote in another entry of 1979.


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