Charlie Sheen may be off drugs but damage has been done

Updated: Mar 10, 2011, 17:56 PM IST

New York: Experts have said that Charlie Sheen`s off-the-wall online performances show that even if he`s off drugs, the damage has been done.

The TV star claims he`s sober, but his bizarre rants have some wondering if that could possibly be true.

Midtown doc Arnold Washton, who treated addiction for 35 years, said Sheen could be off the hard stuff but still seem high.

"If you`re using a drug in high doses, and taking it repeatedly, you``re essentially dropping atom bombs in your brain," the New York Daily News quoted Washton as saying.

"We`d be foolish to think that it``s something you can recover from the day you stop."

On Monday, Sheen blathered that he wanted to publish a book called "Apocalypse Me" and marry a tree. Tuesday, he took to the rooftop with a machete.

His jittery, gaunt appearance and diatribes bear the hallmarks of a cocaine binge "aftermath," Washton said.

Bronx drug counselor Nailah Beraki-Pierre said that makes him a poster boy for the dangers of drugs.

"He has millions. He has fame. But the drug will always do what it does.

"People lose their children, they lose their jobs, they lose their wives - just like Charlie," she added.