Charlie Sheen’s death reports are ‘reckless lies’

Updated: Nov 01, 2010, 14:01 PM IST

Washington: Charlie Sheen’s manager has stated that the rumours about the actor’s impending death were "reckless lies".

Mark Burg denied reports that the Hollywood actor was going to die within a week.

“After reports surfaced that Charlie was coked out of his mind, cavorting with hookers and in a fast death spiral ... I went to Charlie`s house, entered a side door and saw Charlie sitting on the couch eating a turkey sandwich, saying, "Way to knock, dude”,” Mark Burg told

Burg said when he asked Sheen about the report he was at death`s door "Charlie looked at me like I was nuts."

"He looked as normal as he`s looked in a long time," he added.