Charlie Sheen’s ex-wife calls off custody deal

Los Angeles: Troubled Hollywood actor Charlie Sheen`s ex-wife Brooke Mueller has called off their verbal deal regarding the custody of their twin sons after the actor made it public on social networking website Twitter.

The tentative compromise lasted for just a few hours and as revealing the deal was a direct violation of the conditions agreed with the couple`s lawyers, the agreement is now off, reported TMZ.

After increasingly lurid allegations on both sides about one another`s behaviour, including physical abuse and drug use, Sheen had tweeted this afternoon that they had made a "verbal deal".

"Not sure what all the legal noise is about, just verbally reached a deal with B. no court mon. yay (sic)," he had tweeted.

The verbal agreement would have been to return to the initial arrangement as struck in the pair`s divorce settlement.

A source told the website that the very first condition in the deal was that Sheen must not talk to the media about the agreement. But his tweet and a radio interview ended the new agreement.

Sheen and his legal team had been due in court on Monday to meet the judge who issued a restraining order against him at the request of his ex-wife.

Earlier today it emerged that Sheen had been locked in strategy meetings with lawyers organising his case, which was said to be based around his claim that Mueller is not a fit mother.

His evidence was said to include photographs of drug paraphernalia, a letter from Mueller herself and eye-witnesses prepared to testify about the former real estate investor`s alleged drug use.

For her part Mueller has told her lawyers that she wants Sheen`s two girlfriends, Bree Olson and Natalie Kenley, to regularly be tested, and is unhappy about her 23-month-old sons Bob and Max being around the women.

Mueller`s request comes after she took a restraining order out against the actor, alleging that he had been both physically and verbally abusive towards her.

The `Two And A Half Men` star`s children were then taken away by police as the order states that Sheen must stay 100 yards away from Mueller and their children.