Charlize Theron was single for most part of her teen years

London: Charlize Theron has revealed that she struggled to get dates for most of her teenage life.

Now that she has become pretty and famous, there is no lack of men queuing up to take her but surprisingly, the boys that the ‘Monster’ star fancied in school used to ignore her.

“I played the song Tears on My Pillow over and over and I felt like it was the end of the world because I didn’t have a boyfriend,” the Mirror quoted her as saying.

“It was just so heartbreaking.

“I don’t think I’ve actually been on a date with somebody I didn’t know.

“I’ve been on dates with my boyfriend of course but I’ve never really dated.

Theron, who split from Irish actor Stuart Townsend last year admits that she has struggled to get used to being unattached again.

“I’ve been in serious relationships from the time I was 19 and I’m single for the first time in my life since then,” she said.

“I had to make a real conscious effort to rediscover myself and it’s hard.

“I’m a creature who really found her comfort zone in relationships.

“But there’s something really powerful in being OK with being alone, especially for women.”

She did everything she could to keep their romance alive, but she now accepts the fact that she has to move on.

“It was sinking but I gave it a fight to try and make it work. That was my priority.

“I’ve never re-connected with an ex and I feel that once I’m done, I’m really done.

“I’m really at peace and feeling good about it. All of us go through darkness but that doesn’t make you dark.

“Every single person in my life has gone through loss, been lonely, been sad, and amazing things have happened to them.

“They’ve had the birth of children and the loss of children.

“I mean, this is life. Life is all of those things,” she added.


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