Cher, Christina Aguilera urge bullied kids to seek help

London: Pop divas Cher and Christina Aguilera have teamed up to join the fight against high school bullying by filming a new support video for their young fans.

The `Burlesque` co-stars speak out on the clip on a gay blog and urge schoolchildren not to tolerate bullying of any kind, especially in relation to their sexuality, reported
a website.

Aguilera says, "I`m definitely in favour of gay rights. I think in any case your individuality is the most important thing and you have to be able to rise above

"I grew up being bullied and it`s not fun. It`s a terrible thing and you have to try and find who your support system is and if you can surround yourself with positive
people... you have to keep going. It gets better."

Cher adds, "School is the least part of your life and everyone is stupid and going through changes... it seems like it should be better now and people should be much more free, open and willing to accept what`s going on.

"We should be going the opposite way. Bullying is a trend for everyone - I don`t get that trend but it seems to me that maybe we`re a less nice generation. You see it on reality shows... there are a lot of things going on that I don`t get, but I`ve seen it."


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