Cheryl-Ashley plan family dinner

Updated: Aug 14, 2011, 10:55 AM IST

London: Pop star Cheryl Cole and her ex-husband, Ashley Cole are planning a "clear-the-air dinner" for their families.

The estranged couple, who is reportedly planning a future together, want their families to bless their rekindled relationship, reported Sun online.

"Cheryl and Ashley are a sealed deal - but they need this dinner to clear the air between the families. There`s still bad feeling, particularly on Cheryl`s side," said a source.

Cheryl`s mother Joan and brother Garry will dine with Ashley`s mother Sue and brother Matthew in Essex.

Geordie singer Cheryl, 28, has bought a pendant symbolising "love, strength, togetherness and eternity" for the 30-year-old footballer.

He has bought a 7 feet air ice hockey table while refurnishing their old home in Godalming, Surrey, and her clothes have been secretly moved in.