Cheryl Cole desperate to have kids

Washington: Cheryl Cole has revealed in her forthcoming autobiography that she had planned to start a family by the age of 29.

The singer is upset as her biological clock is ticking down and she is running out of time to start a family - something she already thought she would have done by now.

The 29-year-old, who broke up with her husband Ashley Cole in 2010, after he cheated on her, asserted that she earlier had plans to have kids with the footballer.

“Cheryl worries she`s put her career before everything else, including settling down. She is desperate for children and reveals in the book that not only did she think she`d be a mum by now, but that she would have had a family with Ashley if things hadn`t gone so wrong. She also reveals that she worries she won`t have children,” Contactmusic quoted a source as telling the Heat magazine, in reference to the autobiography.

The songstress has recovered from the heartbreak Ashley caused her and is now dating dancer Tre Holloway, but she mentioned in the autobiography about how she was devastated after her marriage ended.

“Cheryl was an emotional wreck around that time. Depression is something she has battled with and this was her lowest point. She wondered if she needed help,” the source added.


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