Cheryl Cole `given up on American dream`

London: Cheryl Cole has given up her dream of making it big in America and has split from her US management team.

A source close to the star told the Mirror that Cole had hired ` The Voice judge` and his associate Seth Friedman to oversee the launch of her American career after news of her X Factor USA signing broke.

The 29-year-old singer was axed by Simon Cowell after just three weeks on the panel.

The insider said that it`s been two years since she was sacked and she no longer has plans or a desire to make it over there.

The source further asserted that the pop-star, who was previously married to footballer Ashley Cole , doesn`t have a US record deal and, despite the rumours, is not going to be moving over there.

However, the insider added that Cole is still friends with `Black Eyed Peas` star and the latter is going to be involved in boosting up her music career in the UK when she does return from a career sabbatical.