Cheryl Cole hopes to be friends with ex-husband

London: Singer Cheryl Cole has revealed that despite speculation, she`s not getting her "Mrs C" tattoo away as she hopes to be friends again with ex-husband Ashley Cole one day.

"We`ve been divorced. That`s a pretty big ending. Maybe we can be day," said Cheryl. reports, ‘The X Factor’ judge got the tattoo done to celebrate her marriage with ex-husband Ashley in 2006, but is not ashamed of it even after the divorce.

"No, I`m not ashamed of anything. I`ve got nothing to rub away...I don`t feel sentimental about the name.”

"If I went back to being Cheryl Tweedy I`d be...I`m not ashamed of my marriage, it`s a period in my life. And I am Cheryl Cole. That`s how I feel."