Cheryl Cole loves Rihanna’s don’t-care attitude

Washington: Cheryl Cole is a huge fan of Rihanna and admires the ‘Umbrella’ hitmaker’s ‘I-don’t-give-a-damn’ attitude.

The Girls Aloud singer- who has previously claimed that the 24-year-old is her “girl crush” - admires the ‘We Found Love’ singer, as she is the “perfect pop star” due to her carefree attitude.

“You know what I love about Rihanna? I know she gets a lot of criticism, too, about what she wears and what she sings about, but she is so free,” Contactmusic quoted her as telling GQ magazine.

“She doesn’t give two f**ks. I love that in her. I love that sense of freedom about her. She’s gorgeous and free. A perfect pop star,” she said.

She also likes Rihanna’s liberal attitude to life, and believes the pair have had similar experiences in their past relating to their partners.

“She’s been through the same thing absolutely. And you can imagine how intense it is when all the world’s eyes are on you. So she knows that feeling. But she’s free-spirited, she just doesn’t give a s**t,” Cole said.

“Maybe it’s going through everything she’s gone through that has enabled her to get to that point. She’s like, ‘Whatever. What more can you say about us? You can’t hurt us any more.’ I love that about her. It’s liberating. She’s liberal,” she added.