Cheryl Cole passes off free stuffs as `gifts`

London: Music mogul Simon Cowell has claimed that pop singer Cheryl Cole likes to repackage the free stuffs given to her as a celebrity and re-gifts them to her friends and family.

According to Cowell, the `X Factor` judge is not as generous as she pretends to be, Contactmusic reported.

"Whenever you go to an event and you get a bag of freebies, Cheryl repackages them and gives them to somebody else. I always give mine to charity," Cowell said.

Cowell also branded the `Promise This` hitmaker as "narcissistic" after she copied the trademark `salute` he used to do for his fans.

"We`ve established that she won`t be copying my salute anymore. She says it`s a salute to Cheryl`s Army, which is so narcissistic! I don`t think she realises how insane that sounds," said the 51-year-old talent judge.

Apart from Cole, Dannii Minogue also insisted that she often swaps her clothes with sister, singer Kylie Minogue due to their different sizes.

"I get so much gorgeous stuff. I`m slightly bigger than her, so if she gets something a bit big, she`ll give it to me, and if I get something too small, it goes her way," she said.