Cheryl Cole ‘planning to move to Los Angeles’

London: Cheryl Cole will apparently move to Los Angeles as soon as the 6-million-pound Surrey mansion she shared with love-rat footballer Ashley is sold.

The ‘Girls Aloud’ singer had also clinched a one-year 3-million-pound deal to be a judge on the US version of the X Factor.

American dancer Derek Hough’s stepdad Aaron Nelson recalled how Derek had comforted Cheryl during her divorce.

"Cheryl is looking at moving over here, which will be good for Derek,” the Sun quoted Aaron, who lives with Derek``s mum Marianne in LA, as saying.

"I`m not sure exactly what they have decided about living together. It``s his business.

"When things got difficult for Cheryl, she came over to be with him. Derek``s pretty level-headed most of the time. He`s a good guy. He`s always been a good guy and he`s very supportive.

"She feels indebted to him - all to do with the fact that he is kind to her. He supports her, but that is Derek`s nature. He`s a cheerleader for her. He just wants to see her do well.

"Derek knows what`s been going on. She came over to see him a few weeks ago. I can say that when you love someone you want to be around them and that`s why he likes her, " Aaron added.


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