Cheryl Cole turns DJ on night out with boyfriend Tre

London: Cheryl Cole decided to learn a new talent during her evening with boyfriend Tre on Friday – being a DJ.

The singer apparently “set the club on fire” when she clambered onto the stage during her fun night at The Rose Club with Tre, the Mirror reported.

The venue’s official Twitter page said: “@CherylCole most definitely set the club on fire !! #HipHopThursdays.”

Cole was certainly dressed for the part of DJ, rocking a serious amount of pleather in MC Hammer-style trousers and a cute baseball jacket.

Boyfriend Tre looked equally street in his leather jacket and red trainers.

The pair appeared to continue the party when they got home, cracking out the mulled wine and slipping on their Christmas jumpers (before forcing the dog to wear one too).

Posing with lily, Cole tweeted: ‘Me, my Christmas jumper and my Lily hahaha !!!! #5sleeps’

With her assistant being called Lily, a tipsy Cole thought it was hilarious that she was actually posing with a FLOWER.

“Haha I bet you all thought it was @Lily_England didn’t you ??? I’m sooo funny !!! Hahaha #YouLittleMugs LOL at myself#TooMuchMulledWine,” she added.