Cheryl Cole was `terrible` during her school days

London: Cheryl has admitted she was a "terrible" student in school and was suspended twice because of her temper in the classroom.

The `Fight For This Love` singer was a feisty teenager who attended Walker Comprehensive School near her Newcastle home and her temper got her into trouble with several teachers, reported Contactmusic.

"I was awful. They used to throw me out of class," Cole wrote in her new book `Through My Eyes`.

The 27-year-old singer, whose second solo album `Messy Little Raindrops` is out next month, also said she was initially put off a career in showbiz because she didn`t think she was posh enough.

Cole didn`t feel as though she fitted in after she attended auditions for the Royal Ballet School`s two-week summer course when she was nine years old.

"I wanted to go home straight away. Everyone was prim and proper and I was from a council estate. Their parents all had money and we struggled just to get the money to travel down to London. I felt I was the odd one out. I didn`t want to have to stand a certain way all my life and only eat salad," said Cole.

Despite her worries Cole, who along with her four siblings was raised by her mother Joan and her painter-and-decorator father Gary, knew she was destined to perform.

"Ever since I was a kid I`ve loved performing, being on stage, singing, dancing and showing off. There was just always something inside me, like, I knew there was no other option," she said.


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