Chitrangada`s haidresser vanishes with her purse, mobile

Mumbai: Chitrangada Singh`s had a bad time in Indore when her hairdresser disappeared with her bag and a cell phone.

Chitrangada was in a mall in Indore for the promotion of her new film "Yeh Saali Zindagi" when her hairdresser Amrita (who has worked with Aishwarya Rai in "Raavan" and "Robot") simply vanished.

"Amrita thought we had left the mall without her. So she took off for the airport in an auto. We didn`t have her number. Since she had my bag with my phone we kept trying. We were frantically searching for her in the mall while she claims she had left for the airport," said Chitrangada.

Last heard, Chitrangada was considering one of the two options. Change the hairdresser or be prepared to lose all her hair worrying for the hairdresser because apparently this is the second time the lady has taken off during a promotional tour without informing the actress of her whereabouts.

A member of the Indore team said: "We were in the mall for a couple of hours. Amrita was traceless. At first Chitrangada thought Amrita had gone to the rest room or something. But after the event when we all got into the car she still did not turn up. That`s when Chitrangada panicked."

The hairdresser was carrying Chitrangada`s bag with her cellphone.

"But it wasn`t her bag that Chitrangada was worried about. It was the hairdresser. Her disappearance freaked Chitrangada out. Even after the event when we all got into the car late in the evening to reach the airport, the girl was nowhere to be found. We kept calling Amrita on Chitrangada`s cell which was with Amrita. But there was no reply."

"Luckily our air tickets were with us, and not in Chitrangada`s bag. So, the team could travel back to Mumbai. But Chitrangada refused to leave Indore until Amrita was found. Fortunately, Amrita showed up in an autorickshaw minutes before take-off, claiming she lost us in the mall. But we aren`t convinced. We really don`t know where Amrita disappeared to," said the source.