Chris Brown`s publicist quits after his GMA meltdown

New York: Chris Brown`s latest meltdown on TV show Good Morning America has reportedly cost him his publicist.

The R&B singer, who took anger management classes following his voilent attack on ex-girlfriend Rihanna in 2009, flew off the handle when he was asked questions about his past and even smashed the window backstage.

Brown`s publicist, Tammy Brook, has parted ways with the singer in the wake of his violent meltdown in the TV studio, a newspaper reported.

Brook is accustomed to dealing with difficult clients she also represents legendary boxer Mike Tyson, Miami Heat star Chris Bosh and football player Terrell Owens.

The 21-year-old singer later tried to control the damage by posting a tepid apology on his Twitter page for storming out of the interview and smashing the window backstage.

"I`m disappointed in the way I acted... Yes I got very emotional. And I apologize for acting like that."