Christian Bale offered 40 mn pounds to play Batman?

Los Angeles: Actor Christian Bale has reportedly been offered 40 million pounds to reprise his role as Batman in the superhero film `Justice League`.

The movie bosses are determined to get the 39-year-old actor onside and star in the potential film by offering him the hefty sum, reports

"Bale is facing extraordinary pressure," a source told The Sun newspaper.

In the past, Bale had hinted that he would put the famous black cape back on one last time if Nolan was prepared to make a fourth installment of his popular Batman franchise. But he had ruled out the return because he thought it would be "greedy" if the pair made another Batman film together.

"We were incredibly fortunate to get to make three. That`s enough. Let`s not get greedy," Bale had said earlier.