Christina Hendricks set to visit family home in Britain to taste Indian curry

London: Christina Hendricks, whose family hails from Birmingham, has said that she would take a “pilgrimage” in order to visit the city’s famous ‘Balti Triangle.’

The humble British curry house is fast becoming a Hollywood hangout - Tom Cruise recently surprised staff at an Indian restaurant in St Alban’s by dropping by for a chicken tikka masala.

“I hear it’s not necessarily a relaxing weekend getaway. [But] oh, I love a curry. I would take a pilgrimage just for that,” the Telegraph quoted her as saying.

The actress has family ties to Birmingham - her father, Richard Hendricks, was born and raised in the city - but so far she has never visited.

While there, the ‘Mad Men’ star would like to investigate her family background.

Her father emigrated to the US in the 1960s, where he became a naturalised citizen - first joining the US Army and then worked for the Forest Service.

“I would love to know if my dad ever did have a Birmingham accent because that would be hilarious. It’s such an extreme accent. But I think he moved too young. He was an army brat, so he lived in so many different cities,” she told Radio Times.

Hendricks developed a passion for Indian food when she lived in Britain in the late 1990s while working as a model.

“One of my favourite meals is Indian food. I had never really been exposed to Indian food my whole life, because I grew up in small towns that didn’t really have that,” she said recently.

“Then I moved to London and I was blown away because they had this incredible Indian food. And it’s hard to find really good Indian in Los Angeles,” she said.

She returned to Britain earlier this year to shoot her latest film, ‘Ginger and Rosa,’ a low-budget British period drama which is showing at the London Film Festival.


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