Clint Eastwood opens up about his love for jazz

London: Clint Eastwood has confessed his love for jazz music in a rare interview with musician Jamie Cullum.

The Dirty Harry legend and Hollywood veteran became unlikely pals after the jazz pianist composed the main score for Eastwood`s 2008 drama Gran Torino.

And the actor/director has chosen the diminutive star`s BBC Radio 2 show to talk about his love of all things jazz.

In the interview, Eastwood admits he`s a huge fan of Cullum`s work, saying, "You jumped off the piano... I thought, ``Hey, this guy`s going somewhere!``

"I did feel that you were bringing an entertainment value to jazz, or swing or blues or whatever you were playing... that had long been missing. I became a fan on that evening. It`s a rare opportunity for me to be on the Jamie Cullum show, it`s always fun to talk about music," the Daily Express quoted him as saying.