‘Comfortable’ Clooney rules out foray into politics

London: George Clooney, has revealed that he has no plans to enter politics.

Clooney, 50, admitted that whenever he got involved in political issues, it made him “very unpopular”.

However, the ‘Ocean’s Eleven’ star said that he would continue to give his support on the sidelines.

In his new movie ‘In The Ides of March’, which he co-wrote and directed, the actor plays governor Mike Morris, who is a candidate running in a US presidential primary race.

“I grew up in a time when most people had a social and political conscience,” the BBC quoted Clooney as saying.

“Some of the biggest changes in our country’s history happened when I was growing up, so I was raised to participate and I will continue to do that.”

But he said that he had no desire to run for political office.

“I have a very comfortable existence,”

“I am able to dip my toe into issues involved in politics, like in Sudan or Darfur. Where I can have some involvement then I’m happy to do it, and I don’t have to compromise as a politician,” he added.


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