Competitive actors make sets toxic: Ryan Reynolds

London: Hollywood actor Ryan Reynolds says he dislikes working with competitive actors because they make movie sets "toxic".

"It`s toxic on a set when you`re competitive with other actors. Whenever I`ve worked with another actor who`s been competitive, usually nine times out of 10 it has backfired on them - they`ve had a really unsatisfying experience. A film is so collaborative. It`s the sum of its parts," quoted him as saying.

Reynolds says he would love to reunite with Sandra Bullock for a project in future.

"My producing partner is incredibly close with Sandra - we all met up about 10 years ago and we`ve been good friends since. I never thought we`d do a film together but it worked out," he said.

"Movies like that are so contingent on that chemistry - it`s a rare thing if you get it, so if I was going to do another romantic comedy, I would hope it would be with Ms. Bullock."


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