Country singer Taylor Swift spills the secret of her success

London: At 20, music sensation Taylor Swift is still one of the youngest country singer-songwriters to have achieved massive success.

According to the Daily Mail, Swift said it is the rejection and heartbreak she pours into her songs that have driven her to succeed.

Swift has put a lot of thought and emotion into her songs. They not only express her own experiences with romance, but her friends`` as well.

Such examples may be her break-up with Joe Jones in the song ‘Forever & Always’, to which he retorted with a song called ‘Paranoid’.

On her latest album, ‘Speak Now’, one track is about ‘running into a guy I used to be in a relationship with at an awards show’.

“He was sitting a few feet away from me. There was this horrible awkward silent fight going on between us, not even glancing in the other person’s direction.’ So you never got to be friends? ‘No, that song is about a relationship that ended pretty badly,” said Swift.

The guy might be Joe Jonas, who ended their relationship in a 27-second phone call.

Swift recalled that one night, soon after she sang the national anthem at a professional basketball game, she rang round her friends to see if anyone wanted to hang out with her at the local mall.

“That memory is one of those painful ones you’ll never fully get over,” she said, emotionally.

“In school, I dealt with a bunch of different kinds of being alone,” said Swift.

“There’s being alone because no one talks to you. There’s feeling alone when you walk up to a table at lunch and you’re not welcome to sit down. There’s standing on a stage at a local festival with your acoustic guitar that’s as big as you and some kid from your grade screams obscenities at you. It’s school. It’s what everyone goes through at some point. And the only thing that got me through really tough days was writing songs about it. I would sit there on those lonely days and say, “It’s OK, because I can write a song about this later,” she added.

“I’ve carried that mantra with me since: any time I feel pain, rejection, heartbreak, I subliminally say to myself, “I can write a song about this and then it will feel better,” the singer said.

She was only 14 when Sony/ATV Music Publishing in Nashville signed her as a staff writer.

Swift is more than just a transient teeny phenomenon. She is an alchemical combination. As well as the pleasing voice, the nice image, the songwriting brilliance, she is also an astonishingly intuitive businesswoman.

Swift has the striking otherness of a supermodel: 5ft 11in, thin as a filament, with feline eyes.

She is diligent and polite and bears the unmistakable reserve of the bullied child, wearing courtesy like an elegant armour.

She is the sheltered product of doting parents, Scott, a stockbroker, and Andrea, who gave up her own high-flying career in financial marketing to raise Swift and her younger brother Austin at their 15-acre hobby farm in Pennsylvania.