Court sets Fardeen Khan free in cocaine case

Zeenews bureau

Mumbai: Actor Fardeen Khan will not be tried in the much published cocaine case anymore.

The actor heaved a sigh of relief when charges framed against him were dropped by the Mumbai sessions court, acquitting him from a jail term.

The actor was booked in the case of cocaine seizure in 2001 for buying 1 gm of cocaine from a drug dealer in Mumbai.

The Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB) had arrested Fardeen in Juhu in northwest Mumbai on May 5, 2001 on charges of possessing cocaine.

But after a long court battle Fardeen has now been granted immunity from prosecution in the case on the condition that he will undergo a detoxification process, apparently, which he has already completed.

The court nevertheless said that if he is arrested for a similar offence in the future then the immunity against him shall be withdrawn.