Courtney Love planning to make NY permanent home

New York: Courtney Love has expressed her desire to permanently settle down in West Village.

At Russell Simmons` Argyleculture fashion line launch at Ampersand Studios on W 36th St, she said that she`s looking to lease - and eventually buy - an apartment in the pricey precinct.

The Hole front woman has been living at SoHo`s Mercer Hotel for the last year.

"I want to live in the West Village. Only the West Village," a news daily quoted her as saying.

Love says that her fragile financial situation means she`ll have to lease before she buys.

Over the last year or so, Love has been battling back from a number of financial setbacks.

For instance, the rock grrrl, who claims she`s the victim of identity theft, was sued by American Express for more than 350,000 dollars she allegedly owed the charge-card company.

Love says she has "four more months until my credit is repaired."

As a result, she says, "I don`t have a credit card. I use a debit card." But, she adds, her "CPA, who I share with Oliver Stone," is "fixing" her predicament.

Then again, she admits, "I`ve spent so much money on the hotel," which is owned by her beau-for-a-bit Andre Balazs, "I could have bought a house."