Courtney Love ‘wanted to snort dead husband Kurt Cobain’s ashes’

Updated: Mar 16, 2011, 16:19 PM IST

Melbourne: A music journalist has revealed that Courtney Love wanted to snort Kurt Cobain`s ashes.

According to writer Neil Strauss, the ‘Hole’ singer suggested they inhale her dead husband`s remains during a bizarre interview.

“She was serious when she made the suggestion. She actually said she would offer his ashes to me first to snort and then said she would like them,” a newspaper quoted Strauss as telling a website.

“But the idea was nixed as I don’t do coke.”

Courtney`s strange request is revealed in Strauss’ tell-all book ‘Everyone Loves You When You Are Dead’ which also includes details of conversations he`s had with stars including Lady Gaga, Madonna and Britney Spears.

In the book, Neil writes of how the blonde rocker - who was married to Nirvana frontman Kurt until his death in 1994 - ``introduced`` him to her husband before confessing she desired to snort his ashes.

He wrote: “She walks to a dresser, pulls open a drawer, and removes a square-shaped tin. She removes the lid, revealing a plastic bag full of white ashes. A faint smell of jasmine emanates from the tin.

“LOVE: Too bad you don’t do coke. Otherwise I’d suggest taking a metal straw to it.

“STRAUSS: Yeah, I don’t think that would be the right thing to do.

“LOVE: I’d like to though."