Crawford protecting daughter from media, not hindering her career

Los Angeles: Cindy Crawford has refuted rumours that she has halted her daughter Kaia`s modelling career, saying she would allow the 10-year-old to accept "incredible" offers.

Kaia made made her modelling debut for Versace last month and the supermodel said she is protective towards her daughter, reports.

Explaining how the shoot came about, Cindy said: "I got called by Donatella Versace`s PR person that `We`re launching this new kids line, we`d love to have Kaia`. We weren`t launching her modelling career, it was just a one-time thing. And then it got interpreted as like, `I`m reeling her back`."

"If it was the right - again, I`m going to hold the bar so high for her, in terms of photographers and stuff, because I know. And she doesn`t need to do it at age 10. But if there was some incredible opportunity, why not?"