Cruise, Beckham start ‘Midnight Boys Bike Club’ for Hollywood stars

Melbourne: Actor Tom Cruise and his footballer pal David Beckham have reportedly started an ‘Midnight Boys Bike Club’ together for Hollywood stars in Los Angeles.

"The boys love to ride. They`re out as often as they can and Becks has really learned how to ride from Tom,” the Herald Sun quoted a source as telling the Mirror.

"At midnight they can get away with cruising around in a group and seeing the sights of LA without a zillion paparazzi chasing them around. It works for them and they`ve had so much fun doing it so far.

"They are trying to get other Hollywood actors like Orlando Bloom and Brad Pitt to join the group too. It`s a case of the more people the better."

The BFFs have matching F131 Hellcat Combat motorcycles that cost more than 100,000 dollars each.