Crystal Harris says she’s not interested in Hefner’s money

London: Playboy model Crystal Harris insists she’s no gold-digger and loves Hugh Hefner from the bottom of her heart.

The gorgeous 24-year-old from West Bromwich said: "I’m no gold digger and I’m not interested in his money. I love him!"

During an interview with the News of the World, Crystal insisted that Hugh’s 27-million-pound fortune is not her target.

She said: "I’d sign a pre-nuptial agreement. Hugh doesn’t throw money at me at all and I don’t ask. I get paid for my music work and modelling.

"Hugh has been hinting at a wedding but I’m not pushy. His ex, Holly Madison, was pushing for marriage, but I won’t.

"I’d love to go up the aisle, but it would be the only wedding where all the guests - his exes and Playmates - would be vying to outshine the bride.

"I’m used to that already - on Sundays when the Playmates come over, dressed up to the nines, desperate to get his attention. But I roll out in sweat pants, T-shirt and no make-up.

"Hugh just looks over at me and rolls his eyes at some of them. We’re like a normal married couple."