Cute couple Aamir and Kiran complement each others talent

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: That Aamir Khan wants to learn Marathi language is a well known fact. The actor and his better half Kiran found a novel way to complement each other’s talent. Many might not know that before Kiran dabbled into film making, she was an ace pianist. The lady now plans to improvise and hone her skills by revisiting her talent and learning piano all over again.

Now, Aamir who is ever willing to learn something new and interesting has made a pact that as he learns Marathi, he will teach the language to Kiran, and Kiran will learn the piano and will in turn teach it to Aamir!

So, that ways both get a shot to learn two things simultaneously. While both are actually learning their respective things, but in passing the knowledge to each other, they only become multi-talented.

The cute couple that they are, they always discover endearing ways to rev up the chemistry between them going strong and vibrant.