Dakota Fanning meets cancer survivors

Updated: Sep 16, 2012, 09:44 AM IST

London: Actress Dakota Fanning, who plays the role of a leukemia patient in ‘Now Is Good’, got a chance to meet cancer survivors during the promotional trip for the movie.

Fanning plays the role of a young woman battling the killer illness in ‘Now Is Good’, and during a promotional trip to Britain. She met with Jennie-Lou Hodge and Clara Markiewicz, who are both in remission from the disease, reports a website.

They interviewed the actress on what she learned about cancer by studying for the role and told her about their experiences during treatment for the illness.

"I have always done a lot of volunteer work at children`s hospitals in particular, and I had a friend who passed away from leukemia. I didn`t know specifically all the terms and that sort of thing, but I had some personal experience with it, for sure," Fanning told the teenagers during the interview, arranged by Britain`s Channel 4 News.