Damian Lewis found Hollywood corrupt

London: Actor Damian Lewis first left the US because he found Hollywood to be "bloated and corrupting".

The 43-year-old decided to relocate back to his native Britain over a decade ago because he was growing disillusioned with the film industry in Los Angeles, reports contactmusic.com.

"I just didn`t feel I wanted to live in LA. There was still theatre that I wanted to do, there were a couple of big movies floating around," he explained during a London TimesTalks event, organised by the International New York Times.

"I ended up choosing a movie about aliens exploding out of people`s bottoms - which might be a decision I take back - an adaptation of a Stephen King novel called `Dreamcatcher`.

"I actually ran away from LA slightly put off by that experience, not the film itself, but there seemed to be something bloated and something slightly corrupting about (Hollywood). I couldn`t quite put my finger on it at the time," he added.