Daniel Radcliffe nearly set to tackle Shakespeare

London: Daniel Radcliffe has revealed that he feels almost ready to deal with Shakespeare.

During an interview with The Stage publication, the star of the ` Harry Potter` franchise, said that Shakespeare`s language is very intimidating to him, but he`d definitely like to take something on soon, the Daily Express

The 23-year-old actor admitted that he would love to do Puck, from `A Midsummer Night`s Dream`, or the other parts he has always loved.

He asserted that he could actually play the role of Romeo and Mercutio from `Romeo And Juliet`.

However, Radcliffe feels a bit hesitant for Hamlet.

He said that he would but no one`s asking him to at the moment because there`s definitely something scary about it.

He added that he was hopeful that he`d get to do it someday.