Daniel Radcliffe thinks of himself as a real wizard

London: After playing Harry Potter for nearly ten years, it looks like Daniel Radcliffe is having trouble coming out of his character.

In his latest interview, Radcliff claimed he’s really a wizard, that he has vanquished all the evil spirits in the world and is now considering a career as a professional Quidditch player.

"I AM Harry. I used to think I was an actor playing a wizard but really I was a wizard playing an actor, the Sun quoted the star as telling the interviewer.

"Dan is a fantastic character who I`ve really enjoyed playing, " Radcliffe added.

The hilarious spoof, which is featured on funnyordie.com, shown the Harry Potter star claiming he no longer fights evil spirits because "I`ve fought them all - they`re dead," and added that he now "kinda chills out a lot".