Daniel Radcliffe wants a break for the Ashes

Melbourne: Harry Potter star Daniel Radcliffe is dreaming of spending Christmas in Australia so that he can watch England win the Ashes.

“We are going to beat you. I`m convinced. This is the best chance we`ve had in 40-50 years,” News.com.au quoted Radcliffe as telling the Herald Sun.

“There`s a slim chance I might come out this Christmas for the Ashes. I really would like to, but I don`t know if that`s going to happen,” he added.

The 21-year-old actor and his parents own a home in Melbourne where they have holidayed several times in the decade since Radcliffe became an instant movie star by playing junior wizard Harry Potter.

“I haven’t been able to go to it for ages. But anyone else I know who goes out to Melbourne, it’s just like, ``Yeah, use the flat, clean it``,” Radcliffe said.

If he doesn’t make it to Melbourne, his busy post-Potter schedule will be to blame.

“I’m doing 7 1/2 hours of singing a week and nine hours of dance in preparation, so I don’t know if I’ll get out there (to Australia),” the actor said.

“But I would love to, again, because I do miss it, I miss Australia very much. I do, actually. I have such a good time over there, always, whenever I go, particularly in Melbourne. I’ll be back, definitely,” he added.


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