Danielle Lloyd does a Liz Hurley in new photo shoot

London: Danielle Lloyd astonishingly achieved a feat of regaining pre-baby body within three months of giving birth to son Archie.

Just 11 weeks after giving birth, the fiancée of Spurs footballer Jamie O’Hara and former Miss England, Lloyd has set out to prove that anything Liz Hurley can do, she can do better.

The stunning image of Danielle dangling provocatively from a set of exercise hoops recreated an iconic photo of actress Liz Hurley, who posed in eight-inch stilettos five months after having son Damian eight years ago.

However, thereafter, Liz admitted she nearly killed herself shedding the four stone she’d put on while pregnant.
Danielle, 29, said she was determined to regain her pre-baby body for her wedding to Archie’s dad, just over four weeks away.

“I think women treat me differently now I’m a mum. They relate to me a lot more,” a news daily quoted her as saying.