Dannii Minogue planning a `massive` family

London: Dannii Minogue has revealed her plans to have a "massive" family with partner Kris Smith, saying the pair have already purchased a people carrier to fill with children.

The Australian beauty, who had her first baby Ethan with the rugby player in July, plans to expand their brood and is hoping any siblings will be as well behaved as their first child, reported Contactmusic.

"Kris wants a massive family! He`s bought the people carrier, it`s got seven seats and he keeps looking at me going, `OK, when are we going to fill that?`" said Minogue. "I think I need a bit more time to think about it! We`ll see what happens, but look, if we had more kids and they were all as calm and easy as Ethan, it would be magic.

He`s such as good baby, I lucked out," she added. The 38-year-old star recently joked she would like to have a "rugby team" of children.

"I don`t know whether Ethan will get any siblings but I think Kris is quite keen. He wants a rugby team! When I was pregnant, it was the most calm I`ve ever been.

It`s just beautiful. You`re just in love with your body and everything going on because it`s your little baby inside," said Minogue.


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