David Beckham helps stranded motorist

Updated: Feb 11, 2011, 16:12 PM IST

London: Soccer ace David Beckham came forward to help a guy who was left stranded with his two kids after his car broke down.

Paul Long, 46, was taking his kids to school in a Nissan Primera when it broke down at a busy junction. As he struggled to push his conked off vehicle off the road, Beckham pulled over to help like a good samaritan, reports a daily.

"The car packed up as we approached a roundabout. After 10 minutes a car pulled over and a figure got out wearing a hoodie. As he got nearer it sort of slipped down and it became apparent it was David Beckham," Long said.

"He asked if we were OK and I said, ‘Could you give us a push to the side?` which he did. Then he asked once again if we were OK and as he walked away, I said, ‘Thanks David, I really love you`," he added.