David Copperfield claims Harry Potter is his life story in spoof video

London: Magic legend David Copperfield sent out a cease and desist letter to JK Rowling claiming her Harry Potter stories are a rip-off of his life story in a spoof video.

The legend of legerdemain’s most outrageous claim is that he saved the world by crushing an evil wizard by vanishing the Statue of Liberty and making it land on top of him.

Copperfield, 54, then warns the Scotland-based author she can expect the same treatment if she ignores his legal challenge.

“I tried calling JK Rowling to sort this out but she’s too busy buying castles to fill with money,” the Daily Mail quoted him as joking.

“So I have no choice but to cast a litigation spell,” he stated.

He chants some magic words and makes his “cease and desist letter” float out of an envelope and into his hand.

The star, who once dated supermodel Claudia Schiffer, then said: “I’m sending this by certified owl, you’ll have five days to comply and if you don’t, well I might have to Statue of Liberty you.”

The hilarious ‘Funny or Die’ film was recorded at the Copperfield Conservatory of Wonder.


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