Dean Mcdermott cheated on Tori Spelling?

Los Angeles: A woman named Emily Goodhand has accused actor Dean Mcdermott of cheating on his wife, actress Tori Spelling.

Goodhand, who said she met McDermott on Dec 6 through mutual friends, claims he had a one-night-stand with her earlier this month, reports

"I was drinking so what he said is blurry. But he was talking about his kids and his work. And when people open up, you feel closer to them in some way. I felt like I could trust him. And we know a lot of the same people, so we had that in common," Goodhand said.

Goodhand later met him in his room and they allegedly had protected sex.

"He said, `I love my wife. I love her so much, but she won`t sleep with me.` I didn`t ask why because it was awkward," Goodhand recalls their conversation.

Goodhand now regrets her action and apologises to Spelling.

"I`m an adult and I make my own decisions. I`m sorry," she said.

McDermott and Spelling have not responded to the cheating claim.