Deepika loves to visit Taj on full moonlights!

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Deepika Padukone has a new found connection with the love monument of India and one the Wonders of the World- The great Taj Mahal.

A source said to a daily, "It`s a secret few friends know. Deepika has, over the last year, visited the Taj thrice. On two of those instances — full moon nights — the Taj was at its most majestic. Dippy prefers to visit the monument incognito (surprisingly) and alone."

Her obsession with the love monument began a year ago when the actress did a commercial photoshoot there. The photoshoot got cancelled but that was her first visit to Taj and it left a long lasting impression.

As reported by a tabloid, when a friend asked her what she sought there, the actress said that she finds "a strange solace just gazing at the beautiful structure, especially by the moonlight." Deepika added that it was very cathartic.

However, she hasn`t visited Taj with her current beau Sidhartha Mallya yet.

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