Deepika Padukone loves the way Imran Khan gives her massage

Spicezee Bureau

Mumbai: Dimpled beauty Deepika Padukone has fallen in love with the way Imran Khan gives her a refreshing foot massage.

Buzz has it that the cutely handsome actor gave his gorgeous ‘Break Ke Baad’ co-star a good foot massage for a scene in the film. The Banglorean beauty was so much in awe to get a comforting foot massage from Imran that she was all praise for her co-star. The actress wondered how comfortably the darling nephew of ‘Mr. Perfectionist’ Aamir Khan could work on his hidden skills. The beauty said that Imran was the best masseuse to have given her the finest foot massage ever.

And now that Deepika is completely bowled over by Imran’s foot massaging skill, any guesses for what will she tell him to do next?