Deepika Padukone upset with Shah Rukh Khan

Updated: Mar 07, 2013, 16:29 PM IST

New Delhi: Deepika Padukone is reportedly upset and angry with Shahrukh Khan after he teased her with her alleged beau Ranveer Singh.

According to reports, Khan started pulling Padukone`s leg on the sets of Rohit Shetty`s `Chennai Express` after hearing so much about the alleged couple.

At first, the 27-year-old actress chose to ignore Khan`s comments but he went on and on with his remarks just to inquire about Padukone`s rumored beau.

The `Cocktail` star, whose personal life has always been a topic of discussion, doesn`t want to talk a word about her new relationship this time.

Rumours also has it that Khan later apologized to Padukone for upsetting her.