Demi Moore’s daughter’s secret meeting with Ashton Kutcher revealed

London: Ashton Kutcher and Rumer Willis’, who are still very close to each other, met secretly on Sunday.

The 34-year-old actor broke Demi Moore’s heart very publicly last year, but he was also present in Rumer’s life for a good decade, so it is understandable that they are still close, but the reason they met secretly is still a mystery.

The pair were spotted in the actor’s car in Los Angeles, before he hit the Lakers game and she headed to the Chateau Marmont. They didn’t want to be spotted, and when they were, Kutcher covered his face and Rumer tried to lie back in her chair.

The friends haven`t been so coy in the past. Just a day after Moore returned from rehab, Ashton attended Rumer’s gig at the Sayers Club in Hollywood.

“Ashton came on his own and he was there from the beginning to the end. He provided a real cool, unassuming, supportive and stable presence for Rumer, who was obviously a little nervous,” a leading daily had quoted an onlooker as telling a website at the time.

“Ashton and Rumer had a short talk before she went on stage and you could tell he was pepping her up and building her confidence and then when she started singing his whole face lit up.

“He was obviously really, really proud of her and was smiling throughout her performance. I even saw him singing along at one point,” the onlooker said.

Following the set, Kutcher greeted Rumer with a “huge hug”.

“Despite what’s happening with Demi, it’s obvious he and Rumer are still very close, it was really sweet to see,” the onlooker said.

The two grew very close at the time the actor was married to her mother, and were often seen out together with Demi. But it’s unlikely that Rumer, who is the closest of the three daughters the actress has by actor Bruce Willis, would meet Kutcher without her mother sanctioning it.

It is being said that the actress was the subject of the clandestine meeting, Ashton was seen visiting his wife after she returned from rehab and still takes a great interest in his estranged wife’s wellbeing.