Denise Van Outen brands NHS bosses a ‘disgrace’ over breast feeding criticism

London: After being criticized for not breast feeding her baby, Denise Van Outen has branded NHS bosses a “disgrace”.

The actress, married to West End star Lee Mead, faced a storm of criticism after she stopped breast feeding her daughter Betsy when she was three weeks old.

“I got a letter from the NHS saying they were being supportive of me, but basically they were very disappointed I’d stopped breast feeding,” a news daily quoted Denise as saying in an exclusive interview.

“They sent me a mug saying, ‘Keep calm and carry on breast feeding’, and wrote that they think it’s due to the lack of support from partners and if I could just go back to it, if Lee makes me a nice cup of tea and gives me ­support, it wouldn’t be so difficult’”.

“So basically, they were not just criticising me, but my husband too. I’ve kept the letter as I think it’s a disgrace,” she said.

Denise, who had Betsy five months ago by caesarean section, also hit out at other “bullies” including some midwives.

“Midwives sometimes can be very rude and abrupt when you choose not to do it,” she said.

“When you’ve had a baby, your hormones are all over the place, so you’re quite vulnerable. You’re exhausted,” she added.


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