Denzel Washington fails to impress his kids

Updated: Feb 16, 2012, 15:01 PM IST

Los Angeles: He is an Oscar winning actor, but Denzel Washington`s children aren`t impressed by his body of work and have other people they look up to.

Denzel has four kids with wife Pauletta Pearson.

A website reports that when he was described as a "legendary" actor, Denzel replied: "Am I? I`m legendary? So when I walk past mirrors I should stop and just look at myself and say, `You`re a legend?`

"You don`t hear about it until you do interviews and things. I`m not legendary in my house - I still put the trash out.

"One day my youngest son, I was talking to him and I said `I know there must be tremendous pressure on you - me being your father.`

"And he said, `No, the pressure is from my brothers and sisters.` Because his eldest brother is a professional football player, and then his eldest sister graduated from Yale, and so it was more sibling pressure. So I was like, `So I don`t mean anything?!` "

The star insists the family leads a very normal life.

"They`re used to me, they`re used to their dad being an actor, that`s what I do. And we don`t lead a movie star kind of life - we don`t have a lot of handlers around the house and all that kind of stuff. A lot of mirrors though," he told British TV show ‘Daybreak’.